Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Walk With Me during the Month of July

Whenever I experience something positive, I like to share it with others. The challenge is that I know so many people that it can be difficult to figure out how to that. Two years ago I had the marvelous experience of leading hundreds of people through a 31 day process of self discovery and personal improvement. This year I have made some decisions about my own life that require a similar 31 day personal journey. I am inviting you to use this digital platform and to come and "walk with me"

That does not mean that I want you to simply watch me walk. I have created some personal goals and have set my sights on some new levels of personal success that are a bit scary. But I want to share my process with you and help you do exactly the same thing for yourself.

So I have decided to update some content that I shared a while ago and disseminate it as widely as I can. I have been blessed to accomplish more than I had ever imagined. But I have not died yet - which means there are still new levels for me to attain. And the same is true about you. I invite you to become a part of this 31 day journey during the month of July and transform your own life!

Why pay for some high paid consultant or attend some costly seminar to understand and pursue your options? Take advantage of FREE information that can help you change the outcomes in your life.

The first step is to subscribe to this blog. I will be submitting daily content starting July 1. The second step is to begin thinking about who you want to be on August 1, 2013. Our strategy will help you get there. The third and final step is this - be prepared for life changing decisions. It can be hard to upgrade our lives and to become the people we always dreamt of becoming. But it is not impossible. So lets get started on July 1.

Sign up or follow by email (right column) to receive my blogs as they are submitted. Follow me on twitter at @dbsoaries. And I will be with you every day during July. And I have some special treats. We will have some live conference calls to discuss our progress, Google Hangouts to hear more information and Q&A to answer special questions that you may have. We will host special online clinics to discuss financial questions and much more.

So - sign up today - walk with me - spread the word - get your friends to hang out with you - and lets make the remainder of 2013 better than the year that we have already had.

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