Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day #30 - Prayer

Tomorrow ends our 30-day journey that we have taken to prepare for a new beginning in September. Some people wait for special occasions to make new commitments. While birthdays, New Years and other such notable occasions lend themselves to reflection and projection, I believe that every day is a notable occasion and therefore every day lends itself to having new visions and making new plans.

There was no particular reason that I chose the month of August for a 30-day journey. However, my summer preaching at First Baptist Church focused on the theme “How to Get to the Next Level” and in response to so many requests from my members for more specific advice I decided to share through this blog tips that I could not include in my sermons. If you would like to hear the sermons they are available at the church’s website (free of course) www.fbcsomerset.com or by podcast through Itunes.

The most important activity to remember as you attempt to move ahead and improve your life is prayer. As I stated earlier this month, there is a spiritual aspect of life that is both unavoidable and central to who we are. Prayer enables our physical existence to actually give way to our spiritual existence and focus completely on our spiritual Source. Prayer not only summons God’s assistance with our pursuit of greater things, but prayer also reminds us that we are not equipped with all of the resources that we need to become the people that we have the potential to become. The old folks used to say, “prayer changes things.” What I have learned is that the first thing that prayer changes is the person who is doing the praying.

I will be praying for those of you who have traveled with me this month. I will pray that God will bless your plans, your dreams and your goals. And I will pray that you will remember to pray for yourselves.

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