Monday, August 29, 2011

Day #29 - Have a System

Once September arrives you will want to hit the ground running if you are beginning a new strategy for success. Throughout the month I have provided some thoughts and a few strategies that are based upon principles and practices that guide my own journey. I wanted to show others how much is possible to be put in place within the course in one month. I also wanted to offer some practical tools that can be used to support a motivated person who is really committed to personal change. Nothing has been more exhilarating for me than to have begun living my life according to my own plan rather than being a subject or even a victim of others’ plans. Of course, my plan for my life has been created within the context of God’s plan for my life.

But the way to insure that you can hit the ground running toward your established goals is to make sure you have a system to follow. Embracing a system is not the same as blindly following a path that someone else has created. Some of us have been able to create our own systems. But there are very thoughtful and creative people who have created systems – strategies – for personal growth, personal improvement and reaching personal goals. I highly recommend identifying one of these self-improvement systems and adapting it for your own use starting in September.

No two self-improvement systems are alike but there are characteristics that are common to most. They all involve using time wisely, having written goals and being committed to specific action items. Over the years I have used many different systems and have benefitted from each of them. Now I use my own system that is based upon the best lessons that I have learned from others. The key is to have such a definite plan that makes it more likely that your success will be as you envisioned it would be as you engaged in this 30-day journey.

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