Monday, October 7, 2013

dfree® helps furloughed government worker

Who would think that a government job would result in a shutdown? One of the many lessons that we learn for the events in Washington is that nothing is totally secure and we must always try to be prepared for the unexpected. dfree® does not simply mean being debt free. Rather dfree® is a lifestyle that includes saving and investing in our futures. It means being free from the stressful circumstance of having an interruption in our income being a devastating occurrence.

A young couple with whom I am very close has been using the dfree® strategy since they were engaged. The husband, Kwabena Yamoah, is an employee of the federal government who was laid off on october 1 along with thousands of other government workers. However, unlike many of us, the Yamoah's stopped living paycheck to paycheck year ago and started tithing, saving and investing their money.Today Kwabena reports that his layoff has not affected him and that he can afford to live for a YEAR without being paid because of the amount of money he has saved!

Listen to Kwab's testimony -

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