Friday, March 15, 2013

dfree® Tip of the Week

Dear Friend,

I hope you have found the dfree Tip of the Week series helpful.  These tips, if implemented, will improve your financial behavior.  Are you making progress?  If not, use this week to reset, recharge, and restart.

Let’s review.  I began the series with a characterization of dfree living.  I suggested that dfree living requires a complete change of mindset about the choices we make, and the realization that those choices greatly affect us and our families.  Remember, dfree living demands an examination of values, habits, attitudes, perspectives, and relationships.

After I shared the dfree living concept with you, I presented seven suggested changes to your financial behavior.  For brevity, I have consolidated these changes into five broad areas.

  • Be content with what you can easily afford.  (Do not live beyond your means).      
  • Analyze your finances.  Know what you owe.  (How much do you owe on loans, credit cards, and other bills?  What is your income?). 
  • Stop spending.  Only buy what you need.  (Plug the leaks; those small luxury items that add up over time).
  • Pay off your bills and save money.  (Little by little.  Remember, small increments add up over time).
  • Continually reassess your progress and follow your plan.  (You will be tempted to fall back into bad habits.  Be strong. You can do this!).

If your progress has stalled, use this week to start up again.  Review and recharge, reread Romans 12:1-2, and pray for strength to make financial decisions that are good and perfect.

God bless,

DeForest B. Soaries, Jr. 

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