Friday, February 1, 2013

dfree® Tip of the Week

As I meet and counsel with people concerning their finances, I’ll often say, “don’t finance your own fall”.  I encourage them to get their arms around their financial reality and do something to improve it.  I challenge them and you, to get your financial affairs in order.

Is your financial reality a mess? Do you know what you spend monthly on general household expenses such as utilities, groceries and insurance?  How much do you owe on loans, credit cards, and other bills.  What is your monthly income?  Can you meet your financial obligations and start a college-fund for your child and save for retirement? You cannot address the mess until you measure it.

Luke 16:1-8 reminds us that being close to God is compatible with being prudent and shrewd about business matters.  This weekend, read Luke 16:1-8, pray for help from God, then gather your financial documents and assess your financial situation. 

DeForest B. Soaries, Jr. 

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