Monday, August 1, 2011

Day #1 - Let's get started - Two Possibilities

The road to success begins with setting goals. And goals that have real value have a timetable or schedule included. I have always achieved more when I have given myself a deadline. In setting deadlines I have always considered the fact that there are only two possibilities as it relates to the future: either I will be here after a certain date or I will not be here. Sounds simple. But putting the future into that frame always positions me to hope for the best, prepare for the worst and set goals for both.

This month I have decided to pursue a few new goals and to share my process with anyone who would like to do the same. I have learned that it is possible to accomplish tremendous success in 30 days. In the past I have lost weight in 30 days - I have had surgery to remove from my body in 30 days - I have written a book in 30 days. 30 days is 720 hours. That is a lot of time. Spent wisely and aimed at a specific goal, we can all achieve great results in 720 hours!

Today is Day #1 on our new 30 day journey. And the task today is to set a goal for August 31. Remember - either we will be here on August 31 or we will not. To prepare for the possibility of not being here we must simply do what King Hezekiah was told to do - get our houses in order. We should always be prepared for the possibility that our days ahead are few.

The other possibility is that we will be alive on August 31. Since most of us plan to be here, we should be asking ourselves at least one of these question: Who will I be on August 31 - What will I have that I currently don't have on August 31 - What will I accomplish between now and August 31?

A proverb says that the journey of a thousand mile begins with one step. The first step for us to paint a picture of ourselves - at least write a sentence about ourselves -  and describe what and who we will see when we look in mirrors on August 31.

Tomorrow - Step #2 - Five Dimensions of a Complete Life

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