Saturday, August 13, 2011

Days #12 and #13 - Get Ready for Part 2

I have had two very busy days and therefore did not post any new content toward our 30-day journey. However, the completion of our goals and our time charts has been the focus for the past few days and I hope we have all taken those tasks very seriously. Tomorrow we will begin the second half of our journey.

My personal priority is to help people with their financial lives. But as I have previously stated it is important to approach one part of our loves by addressing our entire lives. People who are sloppy handling their money are usually sloppy in other areas of their lives also. Our attempt to gain control over our lives is the prerequisite for gaining control of our finances. The rest of this journey will assume that we all have some concrete goals in the five key areas of our lives. Take the time to do that if you have not already.

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