Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day #3 - Personal Goals

A famous politician once said that all politics are local. Almost everyone in the world of politics agrees with that statement. But some have learned that some political issues are more local than others. Likewise, it is obvious that all of the goals that I recommend setting are personal. But what I have learned about goal setting is that some goals are more personal than others.

Certainly the desire for a new job, the need for more money, an interest in new information and a commitment to more prayer are all personal goals. In fact the very process that I am describing assumes that each of us sets goals for ourselves that are separate and distinct from other people, groups or organizations. In order to maintain our self-esteem, our sense of purpose and our pursuit of accomplishments we must have our own personal goals. It is very difficult if not impossible to have healthy relationships with others without goals for ourselves. But it bears repeating that some goals are more personal than others.

Within the goal setting process I distinguish between personal goals and other goals because without such a distinction we can lose sight of some very basic realities. Everyone that I know has this type of personal goals – to lose weight, to stop smoking, to work out, to break a bad habit or something. But without a specific written commitment with a timetable attached these personal goals are often pushed to the sidelines or the back burner and they are virtually ignored while we pursue the big-ticket items.

This is why we see people who seem to be successful in very impressive ventures finding themselves stumped by some personal flaw that they cannot get under control. What is often so tragic is that many people close to such folks can see the threat of their personal flaws and often refuse to confront or assist the person.

It is when we place our personal goals, our very personal habits, our attitudes and our relationships along side our financial and other goals that we begin the process of giving them equal status and equal attention. These goals are probably so personal that no one even knows they exist except you. But when you accomplish them, you know that you have become a better you.

Today I want to invite you to join me in starting to identify two or three goals that are so personal that you may not be able share them with people close to you. And write them down.

Tomorrow – Intellectual Goals

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